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季节性分布seasonaladj. 季节(性)的。 adv. -ly distributionn. 1.分配,分发,配给;分配装置[系统];配给品;配 ...


  1. The comprehensive control of soil and water loess makes the seasonal distribution of river flow more even by reducing more in flooding season and less in non - flooding season . the paper proposed a method to analyze the impact of the integrated control of soil and water loess on flood flow in a large - scale catchment
  2. Regional photochemical reaction is weak over this area , to a great extent , the atmospheric background condition influences to the variation of surface o3 , tthe variation of vertical wind speed is significant to surface o3 , from seasonal distribution of vertical wind , it appears upward air current in winter , spring and autumn , repectively , while it is mainly downward in summer , it is favorable to the o3 transport from stratosphere layer . at walilguan , the variation of humidity impacts a little on surface o3 , the relationship between surface o3 and wind speed is relatively complicated , by correlation statistic analyze , it is sure that the wind speed is not one of the important factor
    ( 2 )瓦里关地区局地光化学反应较弱,地面o _ 3在很大程度上受大气背景状况的影响; ( 3 )垂直风变化对地面o3日变化影响较大,从垂直风季节分布看,春、秋、冬三个季节为上升气流,而夏季下沉气流则很旺盛,这种分布有利于平流层o _ 3向下的输送; ( 5 )湿度对地面o _ 3贡献并不明显; ( 6 )各季节水平风速与地面o _ 3之间的关系较为复杂,不同季节相关分析表明,水平风速并不是影响地面o _ 3变化的主要因子之一。
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