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  1. Does allogroomiog serve a hygienic function in the sichuan snub - nosed monkey to test the hygienic functional hypothesis of allogrooming in the sichuan snub - nosed monkey , we analyzed the distribution of such behavior over the body surface of individuals in the west ridge troop in the yuhuangmiao region of qinling mountains , shaanxi province , china . based on 113 days of observations of the troop , 293 allogrooming bouts were obtained by focal - animal sampling . we divided the body surface of the monkeys into 17 areas
    第二章川金丝猴的理毛行为是否符合卫生功能应用目标动物取样法,在113天的跟踪观察(有效观察时间351小时)的基础上,收集了293个相互理毛回合( bout )的数据,对秦岭川金丝猴( rhinopithecusroxellana )玉皇庙西梁群个体间的相互理毛进行了分析,检验相互理毛是否符合卫生功能假说( hygienicfunctionhypotheses ) 。
  2. In terms of present research , this thesis lists the threat factors to chinese snub - nosed monkey living here , and the concrete suggestions for improving protection measures and the changing traditional living manners of local people are put forth as to effectively conserve this chinese snub - nosed monkey in xiaoshennongjia district
  3. The daily activity rhythm of chinese snub - nosed monkey is obvious , and also the monkey show strong preference to sleeping site . the present results demonstrate monkey is fast moving to the sleeping site before complete darkness falls down . these sites for sleeping are relatively fixed within a certain period , which was ever considered by other researchers that monkey looked for sleeping site at random before evening darkness
  4. By comparison with food habits of chinese snub - nosed monkey in qinling - mountain , shanxi province and wolong district , sichuan province , both are national reserve with good habitats for monkey . the results show that the monkey food spectrum present certain different from , but is similar with those of qinling and wolong monkey , that indicates the monkey in xiaoshennongjia has good food condition
  5. Part one . social organization and structure of a provisioning in sichuan snub - nosed monkeys on the basis of provisioning and identifying a group of sichuan snub - nosed monkey ( rhinopithecus roxellana ) in the north slope of the qinling mountains in zhouzhi national nature reserve in shaanxi , china ( 108 16 " 18 " e , 33 48 " 68 " n ) , we were able to observe the group between 0 . 5 and 50m away
    第一章秦岭川金丝猴投食群的社会组织和结构通过对秦岭山脉周至国家级自然保护区玉皇庙西梁群猴子进行人工投食( 108 16 18 e , 33 48 68 n ) ,进而可以距猴子0 . 5到20米观察并识别了投食群的63只猴子,为深入了解这群猴子的社会结构提供了可靠的依据。
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