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  1. The pilot jibbed at the idea of a straight bomb run , for it would mean flying through heavy flak
  2. To enter gaiter , i strapped on a head - mounted display and a flak jacket , as well as forearm and shin guards
  3. Her tactic is not to identify too closely with any particular reforms and to let her ministers take the flak
  4. Axis flak 88 ’ s are more resilient to artillery , off - map attacks , and satchel charges ( the crew manning them is not )
    轴心国的88防空炮对炮火、地图攻击(如:盟军的炮火增援和轰炸)以及炸药包抵抗能力增强(不包括88炮的操作人员) 。
  5. Because it was lewis ? the guy that ' s just too good to be true , the guy many don ' t want to believe can be as good as he is ? he got the flak
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