doddering meaning in Chinese

老态龙锺doddern. 【植物;植物学】菟丝子,菟丝子属植物。


  1. They are doddering , even senile kings whose authority among the tribes extends only as far as the doors of the royal court
  2. Because dodder saplings have only a limited amount of food in their seeds , the saplings must quickly find a host plant or die
  3. Seedlings from the parasitic plant called dodder track chemical aromas to locate their preferred host plants , a new study says
  4. Dodders , or cuscuta , are known by a variety of nicknames including strangleweed and witch ' s shoelaces . they rank among the u . s . department of agriculture ' s list of top ten weeds
    菟丝子有许多不同的俗称,例如, "勒死草"或者"女巫的鞋带" ,它们位列美国农业部门杂草名单的前10位
  5. The technique system of integration dodder management on alfalfa including plant quarantine , agricultural and biological prevention and chemical and biological control are put forward
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