abattre meaning in English

v. pull down, knock down, kill or destroy (animals); murder, butcher, slaughter, injure; break, discourage; dispatch, despatch; flatten, defeat; sew the edge of a seam down flat, place or set down; write down, put to print; crush, repress (riots)


  1. Il aura fallu des décennies pour abattre le mur.
    It would take decades for the wall to be broken down.
  2. Abattre les ponts de dialogue ne conduit nulle part.
    Nothing will be achieved by removing all the bridges to dialogue.
  3. Nous ne devons cependant pas nous laisser abattre pour cela.
    However , we cannot allow ourselves to be discouraged by this.
  4. Ne nous laissons pas abattre si , au début , le rythme est lent.
    We should not be discouraged if it only moves slowly at first.
  5. Si l'un des animaux contracte la maladie , pourquoi faut-il abattre tout le troupeau ?
    If one of those animals gets a disease , why kill the whole herd?
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