abattage meaning in English

n. slaughter, killing of an animal; brutal killing of a person; putting to death; mass killing of animals or humans, carnage, massacre; act of sewing the edge of seam down flat; place where a butcher works; animal that has been hunted and killed


  1. Il serait inadmissible de renouveler un abattage aussi massif d'animaux.
    It would be unacceptable for such a huge-scale culling of animals to occur again in the future.
  2. Certains pays bénéficient d' une prime à l' abattage deux fois supérieure à celle d' autres pays.
    There are countries whose slaughter premium is currently double that of others.
  3. Une nouvelle épizootie de fièvre aphteuse ne doit plus jamais mener à un abattage en masse du bétail.
    A future foot and mouth outbreak must never lead to a mass slaughter of livestock.
  4. Il y a eu un abattage sélectif du bétail né et élevé avec des animaux atteints d' esb.
    There has been a selective slaughter of cattle born and reared alongside confirmed cases of bse.
  5. La distinction entre les transports pour abattage et les transports à d’autres fins est importante.
    The distinction between journeys for slaughter and for other purposes is an important one.
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