make a speech meaning in French

faire un discours


  1. General abacha made a speech in freetown this week.
    Le général abacha a prononcé un discours à freetown cette semaine.
  2. He made a speech that was in some ways almost platitudinous.
    Il a prononcé un discours à certains égards quasi rebattu.
  3. I made a speech here which was full of praise for the commission.
    J'ai prononcé ici un discours d'éloge de la commission.
  4. I am not going to make a speech , as i shall be doing that tomorrow.
    Je ne vais pas faire de discours , ce sera pour demain.
  5. There she made a speech attacking capitalism in very clear terms.
    Ce discours s'attaque au capitalisme en termes très clairs.
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