fall from grace meaning in French

a perdu sa grâce


  1. 2016 The Mission: "Another Fall From Grace" (backing vocals on "Within The Deepest Darkest (Fearful)").
    2016 : Another Fall From Grace de The Mission - Chant sur Within The Deepest Darkest (Fearful).
  2. The ruler of Hell was often seen as a sort of jailer who never fell from grace.
    Le chef de l'Enfer a été souvent vu comme une sorte de geôlier qui n'est jamais tombé en disgrâce.
  3. O'Riordan and Costello are mentioned in the lyrics to "Fiesta" from If I Should Fall from Grace with God.
    O'Riordan et Costello sont mentionnés dans les paroles de Fiesta de If I Should Fall from Grace with God.
  4. luxembourg saw a fall from grace when employment policy was largely confined to labour market policy.
    À luxembourg , on a commis le péché de continuellement limiter la politique de l'emploi à la politique du marché de l'emploi.
  5. When he learned of his fall from grace, he sent some agonized letters to the King, but there was to be no response from Ludwig.
    Quand il apprend sa disgrâce, Paul envoie quelques lettres poignantes au roi, sans réponse.
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