yellow paint meaning in Chinese

yellowadj. 1.黄(色)的。 2.皮肤黄的;蒙古[黄色]人 ...paintn. 1.颜料;涂料;油漆。 2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭 ...


  1. Remember to stand on the right and never stand at the yellow painted edge when using escalator
  2. Aisles must be separated from production areas by yellow painted lines , and there should be evacuation arrowheads marked on the aisles
  3. It was one of those stairways which you find in miserable tenements . count muffat had seen many such during his rounds as member of the benevolent organization . it was bare and dilapidated : there was a wash of yellow paint on its walls ; its steps had been worn by the incessant passage of feet , and its iron balustrade had grown smooth under the friction of many hands

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