wee meaning in Chinese

( weer; weest ) 〔 Scot. 儿〕小小的,极小的。 a wee bit 一丁点。 a wee folk 小仙人,小鬼(等)。
〔Scot. 方〕一会儿。 bide a wee 等一会儿。


  1. I came to see whether you could supply me with a wee bit of brains .
  2. "oh, mother," he would say, "if only i'd been given just a wee bit of brains, i'd not be so much trouble and worry to you. "
  3. Why don ' t you just spreadyour wings a wee bit
  4. The agreement was signed in the wee hours of august4
  5. This little pig cried " wee , wee , wee , wee !
    这只小猪喊着“喂,喂,喂,喂! ”
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