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  1. Discovery ' s astronauts arrived to a rousing celebration wednesday as nearly 700 people crowded an airplane hangar , waving flags and holding signs that read : " welcome home , astronauts !
    本周三, “发现”号宇航员前往休斯顿参加一个热烈的庆典活动,现场有将近700人聚集在飞机修理库里,他们摇着小旗子,举着写有“宇航员们,欢迎回家! ”字样的标志牌。
  2. Marshals have several roles to fill , including observing the spectators to ensure they do not endanger themselves or the competitors , acting as fire wardens , helping to remove stranded cars / drivers from the track and using waving flags to signal the condition of the track to drivers

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