time alarm meaning in Chinese

timen. 1.时,时间,时日,岁月。 2.时候,时刻;期间; ...alarmn. 1.惊慌,恐慌。 2.警报,急报。 3.警报器,警 ...


  1. The silence irritated and at the same time alarmed him .
  2. Dismissed one - time alarms do not disappear from the list and it is possible to review alarm text message later
  3. The mt provides gps data for mc , which then issues difference calculating with the data . also the mt raises the real - time alarm to mc when emergent dilapidation happens in the area nearby the monitoring points
  4. Flexible method of the audit storing enhances the dependability of audit information . two - level real - time alarm and second analysis of audit information enhance the utility of audit information . and the audit cache reduces the time spending caused by auditing
  5. A simple , robust method is proposed that relies on high - resolution measurements and on - line analysis of network traffic to provide real - time alarms in the incipient phase of network anomalies . the anomaly identification algorithms based on behavior model using path changes , flow shift and packet delay variance
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