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  1. Based on an m - estimation principle , a robust estimator of parameters of systematic errors model is introduced in every surveying line
    4 、基于抗差估计理论,讨论了航空重力测量系统误差模型参数的抗差m估计方法与实现。
  2. 2 . according to the characteristic of airborne gravity survey , several statistic variables are derived from theory of probability and mathematical statistics combined with knowledge of errors principles . these statistic variables are applie to the significance test of systematic errors in every surveying line
    2 、根据概率论和数理统计的理论与方法及误差理论,结合航空重力测量的特点,建立了有关检验统计量,并将其应用于航空重力测量测线系统误差的显著性检验。

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