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  1. Surface roads is what you want , that ' s what we ' ll do
  2. The government has to strike a balance among various public interest , including the urgency to build the trunk road and surface road networks as well as the duty to implement signed contracts
    答4 .政府有必要在各项公众利益之间取得平衡,包括继续进行道路工程的迫切性,以及履行合约义务的需要。
  3. The whole central and wanchai reclamation project forms land for the construction of , among other things , strategic transport links , associated surface road networks , the airport railway and its hong kong station and the hong kong convention and exhibition centre extension
  4. Pursuant to the plan - making process , the government duly proceeded with the authorization of the reclamation and surface road networks within criii under the foreshore and sea - bed reclamations ordinance and roads works , use and compensation ordinance respectively in december 2001

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