subterraneous meaning in Chinese



  1. " follow me , sir ; " and without ascending the stairs the guide conducted him by a subterraneous passage to another entrance
    “跟我来,先生。 ”向导说,他不上楼梯,领着伯爵从一条地道走到另一间黑牢的门口。
  2. He therefore returned by the subterraneous gallery , and arrived in time to hear the exclamations of the turnkey , who called out for help . other turnkeys came , and then was heard the regular tramp of soldiers
  3. Edmond inserted his lever in the ring and exerted all his strength ; the flag - stone yielded , and disclosed steps that descended until they were lost in the obscurity of a subterraneous grotto . any one else would have rushed on with a cry of joy

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