smoke foods meaning in Chinese



  1. Certain diet or foods , e . g . salted fish and smoked food
  2. Beijing ( reuters ) - china accounts for about half of the global annual death toll from stomach cancer due to the chinese taste for pickled and smoked food and unabashed enthusiasm for smoking , the official xinhua news agency said
    北京(电) ? ?据新华通讯社官报道,中国人由于饮食混乱、爱吃烟熏食物和嗜烟如命,目前中国占全球胃癌死亡人数的一半。
  3. Eating too much animal fats and too little fibre may cause breast and intestinal cancers while consuming an excessive amount of preserved or smoked food may lead to stomach cancer . nasopharyngeal cancer is closely related to eating too much salted fish since childhood

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