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  1. Every time i see a beautiful scene , i sketch it in my sketch book
  2. Shark encounter started out as a random doodle in my sketch book
    《遭遇鲨鱼》 (的灵感)出自于在我速写本上的一张涂鸦。
  3. Jo had a book , meg carried a cushion , beth a basket and amy a sketch book
  4. Washington irving was the first american writer who gained international fame . his most famous book the sketch book contains two of the best - love stories from american literature : and
    华盛顿.欧文是第一个获得国际知名度的美国作家,他最著名的一本书《见闻札记》 ,它包括了美国文学两个最受欢迎的故事《瑞普。凡。温克尔》和《睡谷的传奇》

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