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季节分量seasonaladj. 季节(性)的。 adv. -ly componentadj. 构成的,组成的,合成的,成分的。 compon ...


  1. The technique is often used to eliminate seasonal components is from data, for which a 12-month moving average would be needed .
  2. Then the paper investigated the regularity of different oil indices using time series statistical analysis method , which suggested that there are some regular components in it , including long - term secular trend , seasonal component and long - term cyclical component . the irregular component also plays an important part in it , mainly including the policy of opec , war , all kinds of international convention for the prevention of pollution from tankers and so on . and then a study of simulation and forecasting performance of arima time series model was conducted to crude oil indices , evidence shows that arima model performs better , especially for short - term forecasting

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