seasonal character meaning in Chinese

季节性seasonaladj. 季节(性)的。 adv. -ly charactern. 1.性格,品格;特性,性状,特征;【生物学】形质。 ...


  1. About plan management , the paper discusses from blow several parts : firstly , designs a forecasting model of sale pointing to the character of the industries in which the firm lies , including seasonal character and the smoothness method of promotional factors " tune sequence index ; secondly , gives the process of giving plan on the basis on the forecast of sale ; at last , fixes on the functional model of each subsystem
    计划管理主要从以下几个方面来描述:首先设计了针对公司所处行业特点的销售预测模型? ?考虑季节性及促销因素的时间序列指数平滑法;再者根据销售预测设立了生产计划、调拨计划的流程;最终确定整个计划系统的子功能模块。
  2. The agricultural database frame was founded according to the distinction , complication and seasonal character of the agricultural production and the diversity of demands from the different application systems to the agricultural information . the agricultural database includes four types of information as environment and resource information , agricultural science and technology information , country economic information and agricultural net resource

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