seasonal adjustments meaning in Chinese

季节性调整值seasonaladj. 季节(性)的。 adv. -ly adjustmentn. 1.调整;调节(装置);校正。 2.调节。 3.( ...


  1. Seasonal adjustment of hong kong s monetary statistics
  2. Seasonal adjustments of hong kong s monetary statistics
  3. This issue contains articles on : seasonal adjustments of hong kongs monetary statistics
  4. Seasonal adjustments to price indices are never complete and there is something called statistical noise that even statisticians cannot explain fully
  5. 7 . the sub - committee noted an information paper on the seasonal adjustment of hong kong s monetary statistics , using special high - frequency filtering to take account of increased currency holdings in the chinese new year season and an adjustment for the increase in cash demand associated with y2k as well as increases in demand deposits due to initial public offers ipos , in addition to conventional techniques

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