round about meaning in Chinese

adj. 绕大圈子的,迂回的(路等);转弯抹角的,委婉的;包围着的,广泛包含的;长胖了的。
2.n. 迂回曲折的路,远路;转弯抹角的说法,婉转的说法;周游,圆形物,圆场,圆形阵营;团团围住的树篱;圆背靠椅;〔英国〕旋转木马;〔英国〕环状交叉路;〔美国〕(男用)短上衣 (lose on the swings what you make on the round-about 转木马得来打秋千失去;一手得来,一手失去;结果落空)。


  1. A new roof will cost round about 1000 .
  2. We are leaving round about midday .
  3. I'll put a girdle round about the earth in forty minutes .
  4. There were genuine wooden and iron implements, and were prominently disposed round about the figure .
  5. Thus, as if fate seemed determined to inflame and increase the poor child's malady and passion, all circumstances and all parties round about her urged it on .
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