ocher meaning in Chinese



  1. Before weddings , warriors and beaded girls prepare by applying makeup of red ocher and sheep fat
  2. The driving wheel and front end beam was painted red color , and inside of operation room were painted ocher color . these are the standard painting color of the steam locomotives of china
  3. Bodies glowing with butterfat and red with ocher , himba women in northwestern namibia are sought by tourists looking for " traditional " africa
  4. To preserve and develop these endangering languages , the author thinks that these ethnics ma have good education of national common spoken language an as to create an environment of equal intercourse with ocher ethnics
  5. In this paper , research is emphasized on the situation of slope protection in shaanxi areas , analyses the engineering and economic effect of all kinds of slope protection , compare the traditional protection with the new , puts forward the protection principle that should be followed in shaanxi areas , study the destruction mechanism and stability analysis of high slope in ocher area , and puts forward effected and economic new protection methods
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