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镍离子nickeln. 【化学】镍;〔美、加〕五分镍币;(一般)镍币。 a ...ionn. 【物理学】离子。 positive [negati ...


  1. Synthesis and performance of lifepo4 cathode materials doped with nickel ions
  2. Influence and mechanism of copper ions and nickel ions on flotation of talc
  3. The stronger the complexing agent , the more negative the initial potential on which nickel ion discharges
  4. For the cathodic process it is likely that there exists a coupling between ni2 + discharge and hydrogen evolution . hydrogen evolution on working electrode should have masked the nickel ion reduction peak in lsv curve
  5. By analyzing of the potentiostatic transients , the diffusion coefficient d of the depositing nickel ions and saturated nucleus number density nsat were estimated , the effects of applied potential on nucleation and growth ware also discussed
    通过分析恒电位暂态曲线,求出镍离子的扩散系数d ,以及不同外加电位下的饱和晶核数密度n _ ( sat ) ,探讨了外加电位对成核作用的影响。
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