nickel hydrogen battery meaning in Chinese

氢-镍电池nickeln. 【化学】镍;〔美、加〕五分镍币;(一般)镍币。 a ...hydrogenn. 【化学】氢。 batteryn. 1.炮兵连[营,中队];(军舰上的)炮组,炮列;炮 ...


  1. Measurements of calcium of impregnating solution in nickel hydrogen battery by n2o - c2h2 atomic absorption spectrophotometer
  2. This lamp is the sources of energy with monocrystalline silicon solar energy cell or polycrystalline silicon solar energy cell ; the storage battery is nickel hydrogen battery or nickel cadmium battery ; that lamp holder and the lamp pole adopts casts aluminium or the stainless steel material manufacturing ; the lampcover adopts the toughened glass manufacturing , and the light source is the light source with high brightness led ' s light emitting diode ; the colour can be divided into the white and yellow , redness , orange , green and blue and seven colours become light

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