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  1. In a short time ? summer of 2001 is the outside date , but warwick feels his team will be ready earlier ? he will undergo a new implantation of a two - way neural transmitter
    在短时间内? ?尽管2001年夏天是最后的期限,但是沃里克认为研究小组将会更早地做好准备? ?他将进行一次新的移植,植入一个双向神经传输器。
  2. On the other hand , through immunoelectron microscopic array , we could find out the quality and quantify of neural transmitters , which contributes to discuss the law of neural activity
  3. The result indicated that some of the synaptic areas assumed distinct gaba - immunoreaction . although many vesicles existed in some synaptic areas , only a small part of vesicles appeared gaba - immunoreaction . maybe gaba is cotransmitter , that is to say , there are some other neural transmitters to modulate the neural activity altogether
    有的突触中存在大量的突触小泡,但只有一小部分小泡呈gaba阳性反应,说明此处gaba可能是共递质( co transmitter ) ,还有其他神经物质存在,共同调节神经活动。

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