natural healer meaning in Chinese

治病术土, 江湖医


  1. Those with compassion as a main or sub tone are natural healers , as they know how to run tones that cause others to come to balance
  2. Bodhisattva children born in 2003 will be natural healers , however they will not choose to become " educated " in healing practices per se , but rather learn to listen within and follow their own truth as to how to work with , counsel or assist another in harmonizing
    出生在2003年的菩萨级别孩子将是天生的疗愈者,不过他们本质上将不会选择成为疗愈实践中的“受教育者” ,而是更愿意学会倾听内在,并跟随自己真相中关于如何工作、咨询或帮助他人协调的内容。

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