monkey wrench meaning in Chinese

活动扳手[扳钳、扳头];引起破坏的东西 (throw a monkey into 〔美俚〕〔把活动扳手丢进机器里使不能转动,转为〕妨碍,破坏)。


  1. He'd send him to white front garage for a left-handed monkey wrench .
  2. Ustable spanner , monkey wrench
  3. A federal judge threw a monkey wrench into the project to build a new oil refinery on the river
    新闻报道说: “联邦法官终止了在河上修建新的炼油厂的工程。
  4. We were about to begin construction on the building but the contractor threw a monkey wrench into the project
  5. The great monkey wrench in that theory was the common gray squirrel , which lives an amazing two decades , yet also expresses telomerase in great quantity
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