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  1. Mostly , the rockets were playing tight , missing shots , looking like a team not quite ready for prime time
  2. That and a not bringing their selves in for every missed shot is causing other teams to have runs on the bench when before they weren ' t
  3. While yao and mcgrady are mugged on every shot , their teammates are getting wide open looks and missing shot after shot after shot
  4. As the rockets missed shot after shot early on , it looked as if maybe they were still suffering from friday ' s 95 - 74 loss to the mavericks - - their largest defeat of the season
    火箭在比赛开始的时候命中率不是很高,这样好像看起来他们还在遭受74 95输给小牛带给他们的痛苦本赛季火箭最大的败仗。

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