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牝马,母马;母驴。 go on shanks' mare 走着去。 a grey mare 比丈夫能干的女人[妻子]。 Money makes the mare (to) go. 有钱能使鬼推磨。 The grey mare is the better horse. 女人[妻子]当家;牝鸡司晨。 Whose mare's dead? 怎么啦? win the mare or lose the halter 孤注一掷。
〔拉丁语〕海;【天文学】(月亮,火星表面的)海(指阴暗区)。 mare clausum 领海(=closed sea)。 mare liberum 公海(=open sea)。 mare nostrum 我们的海〔地中海的罗马名〕;属于一国或由两国或多国协议共同使用的可通航水域。


  1. The mare was beaten for a place by a short head ..
  2. The mare gave birth to a colt .
  3. Edema extending from the udder to the umbilicus is frequently observed during late gestation in cows and mares .
  4. He came to doctor our mare when she ate green corn and swelled up most as big as the water-tank .
  5. He jumped from the cart, and having told the groom to take the mare home, made his way towards his guest through the withered bracken and rough undergrowth .
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