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  1. To share information among them , an integration process is needed . comparing concepts is a basic operation in the process . some mapping measures are applicable in the matching operation
  2. The gls of forest resource intbrmation was used in decision - making and can displaying , cartography , dtlai - comprehensive querying and conditional querying of spatial and attributed data , spatiai anaiysis , model analysis , dynamic monitoring and data update . the webgls of forest resource information was used to release forest resource information and share the function of gis . users on the internet can realize some function of gis on the forest resource in forest farm through tileir browsers , sucn as graphica1 operation , comprehensive querying and conditional querying , buffer analysis , map measure , etc . users can also express their proposals and edit the graphical and attributed data and return these results to webserver so to realize mutual exchange
    森林资源gis用于林场辅助决策,它可以进行显示与制图、空间属性数据双向综合查询与条件查询、空间分析与模型分析以及动态监测和数据更新;森林资源webgis用于森林资源信息发布及gis功能的共享, internet用户通过浏览器即可对林场森林资源实现gis的许多功能,如图形操作、综合查询与条件查询、缓冲区分析、图形测量等,用户还可以发表建议或对图形及属性数据加以修改并将这些结果返回服务器端,以进行相互交流。

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