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查阅表look up查找;【自动化】检查。 tablen. 1.桌子;饭桌,餐台。 2.手术台;工作台;游戏台 ...


  1. For example , reading from a read - only look up table doesn t require repeatable read , and uncommitted read is sufficient
  2. Since the sorting operation is time - consuming in current reliability - guided phase unwrapping algorithm , a fast algorithm looking up table is proposed
  3. This paper describes a test architecture for minimum number of test configurations in test of fpga field programmable gate array luts look up tables
    特别地, fpga适用于这样一些系统的原型,即其正确操作对于评价新型体系结构是必要的。
  4. Though looking up tables will fast and accurately locate the required value , there is a disadvantage that before you get the value , you must measure all test points to obtain corresponding data
  5. The colour look up table ( clut ) will be used on tell the colour of the subtitles . typical output vertical formats are high definition 1088i and standard definition 720p
    典型的视频输出格式为垂直的高清晰度1088i和标准清晰度720p ,水平的高清晰度1920像素每行和标准清晰度1280像素每行。
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