look angrily at meaning in Chinese

横眉瞪眼lookvi. 1.看,注视,盯 (at). Look! 你瞧! ...angrilyadv. 怒,忿怒。 atAt =【化学】 astatine.


  1. The soldier with the wounded cheek looked angrily at the singing horse soldiers
  2. I told you butter wouldn t suit the works ! he added looking angrily at the march hare
    帽匠叹气说, “我告诉你不该加奶油的, ”他又生气地看着三月兔加了一句。
  3. An hussar , bandartchuk , galloped up from behind close upon him and looked angrily at him . bandartchuks horse started aside , and he galloped by
  4. Rostov looked angrily at ilyin , and without replying , strode off rapidly to the village . ill teach them ; ill pay them out ; the scoundrels , he muttered to himself
  5. A general with a suite came on to the redoubt , and after talking to the colonel and looking angrily at pierre , went away again , ordering the infantry standing behind the battery guarding it to lie down , so as to be less exposed to fire
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