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1.看,注视,盯 (at). Look! 你瞧!看哪! We looked but saw nothing. 我们看是在看,可是什么也没有看见。
2.〔带有述语〕显得,好像。 look sick 显得有病的样子。 He does not look his age. 他看上去不像是有这个年纪的人。 He looks very tired. 他好像很疲倦。 He looks every inch a worker. 他没有一处不像工人。 It looks as though we should have a storm. 好像要有暴风雨。 It looks like rain. 看来要下雨。 look happy 喜形于色。
3.留心,注意;弄清,查明。 L- (to it) that they do not escape. 当心别让他们逃跑了。 L- if it is right. 查查对不对。
4.(房屋等)朝着,面向;(事实、情况等)倾向…,倾向… The house looks (to the) south. 这房子朝南。 Conditions look toward war. 局势趋向战争。
5.预期。 I did not look to meet you here. 我没有想到在这里遇见你。
1.用眼色表示,用态度表示。 He looked his consent [thanks]. 他用眼睛表示了同意[谢意]。

1.〔常 pl.〕 容貌,相貌,面貌。 Don't judge a man by his looks. 不要凭外表判断人。 good looks 好相貌。 lose one's looks (女子)容颜衰老。 the look of his face 他的面貌。

4. 一看,一瞥。 give sb. a look看某人一眼。 give sb. a dirty look瞪某人一眼。 steal a look偷看一眼。 cast a look at 瞥一眼。 have [take] a (good) look at (仔细)看一看。 have a look of 像,仿佛。 in good looks 样子很健康。 take on a new look 具有新气象。 take on an ugly look 情况不佳。 upon the look 在寻找中。 wither sb. with a look 〔戏谑语〕看得某人惶恐不安。


  1. The president's look was cold and penetrating .
  2. She looked out of the window every now and then .
  3. As i look back , scenes of the past leap before my eyes .
  4. Look , no. 5 jumps and is heading it .
  5. Her eyes held a look of silent appeal .
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