lesser developed countries meaning in Chinese

较不发达国家lesseradj. 〔little 的比较级之一〕 1.更小的,更 ...developvt. 1.使发达,使发展;使发生;使进化。 2.开发, ...countryn. 1.国家;国土;(全)国民,民众。 2.本国,祖国 ...


  1. In general most less developed countries attempt to tax luxuries .
  2. The vicious circle theory describes the less developed country as trapped in its own poverty .
  3. In less developed countries the tax structure is heavily dependent on indirect taxes especially customs and excise duties .
  4. In less developed countries the paramount problem is providing sufficient employment for the rapidly expanding urban populations .
  5. The number of people searching for work in a less developed country depends primarily on the size and age composition of its population .
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