latent root meaning in Chinese

latentadj. 存在但看不见的;潜伏的;潜在的。 n. 隐约的 ...rootvi. 〔美俚〕应援,声援;支持,赞助;欢呼,喝彩。


  1. In the first , we study the stability of system equilibrium and the bound of these equilibriums by means of the method of latent root and analytical method
  2. In the second parts , a method on studying stochastic transition of the fokker - planck equation is introduced , how to use the method of the latent root to on the fokker - planck equation is mainly deduced
  3. For example , in reference [ 12 ] , the author studies the stability of system equilibrium with the method of latent root and the periodic solution of the marchuk ' s model with the method which provided by reference [ 13 ]
    例如,文[ 12 ]以时滞r为参数,利用特征根法研究了该模型的平衡点的稳定性,利用文[ 13 ]的方法研究了该模型的周期解。
  4. Based on the linear model of governing object , this paper calculates the turbine turbine transfer coefficients and six ki parameters of generator in different work point , and the effect of these changing on latent root are calculated

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