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  1. Among those infected , about one out of 10 will develop the disease as a lifetime risk , after a variable latent period of weeks to decades
  2. Results involved in measuring burst size and latent period of the cyanophage showed that both temperature and sunlight are the important effect factors
    并且,发现当温度和光照分别为28和2000lux时,吸附率达到最大值为62 . 4 。
  3. The latent period varies for different types of biological effects of radiation . the acute effect can appear from several hours to a few days , but the long - term effect may not appear after a few years
  4. The other research purpose is to discover characteristic information and reliable methods of reflecting spinal cord damage . due to typical damage indicators , amplitude and latent period , have bugs such as limited information and weak stabilities , this project recommends applying time - frequency analysis to monitoring spinal cord function . through analysing and comparing typical signal with stft and cwt , it is proved indicators under time - frequency distribution can be better in reflecting signal changes , espcially the wavelet transformation
  5. Thus this paper puts forward the dynamic time series period analysis and prediction model . it combines the basic principle of the stepwise regression period analysis to the multiplayer - transfer method . it can not only effectively select every latent period of a time series , but also take advantage of the selected latent periods to make a long - term prediction
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