latent force meaning in Chinese

latentadj. 存在但看不见的;潜伏的;潜在的。 n. 隐约的 ...forcen. 〔北英〕瀑布。


  1. You have latent force to develop in your studies .
  2. “ possibly luke , ” anakin sighed , and placed a mouth full of mush on the end before handing it to obi - wan . “ he ' s been displaying latent force abilities as of late . . . ” as an afterthought he added , “ he wants to do everything himself as well
    “可能是卢克, ”阿纳金叹了口气,舀了一勺面糊,然后交给奥比万, “最近他正在展示自己的原力潜能… … ”他想了想后补充道, “倒不如说他想什么事都自己来做。 ”
  3. As for its development , the paper holds that bodybuilding is to be estimated as the most distinct banner . profound cultural implication the inner power , theoretical prosperity the solid material foundation , the energetic support and popularization on the part of the government the external guarantee , the development of athletic contests and exchanges the essential force of its development the unique social function the latent force

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