latent abilities meaning in Chinese

潜在的才能latentadj. 存在但看不见的;潜伏的;潜在的。 n. 隐约的 ...abilityn. 能,能力,本领,技能;〔pl.〕 才,才能,才干。 ...


  1. The manager did not find her latent abilities
  2. The manager didn ' t find her latent abilities
  3. Each type will invest his human capital of his latent ability under a certain best probability in equilibrium
  4. To shape the manage thought about ability - orientation , recognized exploiter latent ability of human - resource will make the enterprise have stronger competitive strength
  5. The organizational behavior management of enterprise can improve working efficiency by utilizing and developing the key resource of enterprise , latent ability of employee
    企业的组织行为管理是通过利用与开发组织的关键资源? ?员工的潜能? ?来提高整个企业的组织绩效。
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