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  1. The results of confocal laser scanning microscopy ( clsm ) and atomic force microscopy ( afm ) proved that the microspheres or nanospheres with different surface characters were obtained successfully . the clsm investigation of fitc labeled particles showed that polymeric microspheres have a core - shell structure in which the surfactants existed in the shell of particles . polymeric microspheres with different surface characters were embedded onto the surface of pla membranes via surface entrapment
    激光共聚焦显微镜( clsm )和原子力显微镜( afm )观察分析结果证实可通过上述技术获得具有不同表面性质的微米级或纳米级聚合物微球,而荧光标记技术( fitc )则证实了聚合物微球具有明显的核壳型结构,表面稳定剂存在于微球的壳层。

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