gold dust meaning in Chinese



  1. From its open mouth poured a yellow stream of coarse gold dust and nuggets .
  2. Spare time is gold dust of life
  3. Mate , he was saying , it s because i thinks gold dust of you - gold dust , and you may lay to that
    “伙计, ”他正在说, “这正是因为我看你是尘土里的金子尘土里的金子,你要明白这一点!
  4. Just like gold made into ornaments has no advantage over gold dust , except when the mind makes it so , so are we one in being - - we differ only in appearance
  5. " dug jade " ing , this exploitation and d s placer means have already stopped , only while quarrying and drawing gold dust , electing the jade one from the gravel that is dug out , in passing , output is very few
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