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  1. It was a team that had lost confidence in its new coach flip saunders
  2. " we did one good thing , " detroit coach flip saunders said . " we defended very well at the free - throw line .
    活塞教练, “我们这场比赛就只做好了一件事情,就是罚球做的很好。 ”
  3. Flip saunders , ousted from minnesota last season , replaced brown on the sideline and changed the way the team plays the game
  4. But the fact is , it was joe dumars , not flip saunders , who made the decision not to pay wallace as much as chicago were willing to offer
  5. Detroit news - after the pistons beat the spurs on thursday , flip saunders said he would consider using tayshaun prince as a backup point guard more often
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