flax cultivation meaning in Chinese

亚麻栽培flaxn. 1.【植物;植物学】亚麻;亚麻皮,亚麻纤维。 2. ...cultivationn. 1.耕种,耕作;中耕;开垦;造林;栽培;(细菌等的 ...


  1. Arid land flax cultivation techniques in huangzhong county
  2. China has a long history on flax cultivation . heilongjiang province is a main production base of flax and it ' s produce in our country
  3. In paticular flax material production , which includes flax cultivation and material processing ' s basis and hinge of the whole flax industry , still has many problems demanding prompt solution and is districted by many factors , which influence the development of flax industry directly

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