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  1. Dusty lenses can be dealt with by the dust brush and lens cleaner pump spray ; whilst the micro - fibre lens cloth can eradicate dirt and fingerprints
  2. The new kit contains a lens cleaner pump spray , dust brush , micro - fibre lens cloth and 10 pre - moistened cloths presented in a high quality fabric case with belt attachment
  3. No adjustment needed . the magnetic coil is static and does not need dust brushes or similar protective devices . all components are located in the main body ( the clutch housing ) for fast and easy installation with no need for further adjustmeng
    不需要做调整. . .由于是磁场线圈静止型,可以免去灰刷等的维护工作,而且所有的零件全部安装于主体(离合器轮壳) ,可以很简单地安装到机械中,不需要做调整。

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