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  1. Abstract : on the basis of reliability theory , cutting - of f - tail distributio n has been applied into limit state method in this paper
  2. Now the focus of all countries is on how to make use of the venture capital in developing h - tech enterprise . the theoritical and practical studies of developing the venture capital by the private h - tech enterprise has its great significane since the venture capital can raise the competitive power of science and technology , heighter the effective rate of the distributio of tech resources and capital , and improve the development of the private h - tech enterprise and venture capisal
  3. Twhons w intemt will be the main way for business in the fube . substantial sales shll depend on the distribution funtion of logistic . thereforeans stirnulates the demand of logistics company . because the requiremen of distributio bo ecomrnerce is higher than traditional , the e - commerce company will pay mote wton to logishcs

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