courtship display meaning in Chinese



  1. The feeding and courtship display behavior show obvious day rhythm , and exist diferent between male and female
  2. The flag of this country carries the silhouette [ 2 ] of a bird of paradise , which is native to new guinea . these birds are famed for their dazzling plumage and courtship displays
  3. I studied the courtship behavior of great bustard roundly for the r first time , and i divided the courtship into two types : attracting courtship display and acting courtship display
    4 、在国内首次较全面地对大鸨的求偶炫耀行为进行研究,并将其炫耀方式分为招引型炫耀和正演型炫耀。
  4. The courtship display mainly is acting courtship display during the mating period ; the courtship display mainly is attracting courtship display during the period that after mating to the end of display period

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