brine shrimps meaning in Chinese



  1. Method of inspection of brine shrimp eggs forimport and export
  2. Brine shrimp flakes
  3. Standard practice for using brine shrimp nauplii as food for test animals in aquatic toxicology
  4. From the p1 to p5 phases of this stage , the brine shrimp s larvae and zooplankton such as copepoda should be used as feed
  5. The hatching enzyme from brine shrimp , artemia shrimp , is a pivotal protease which help the encysted embryo escape from its hatching membrane when hatching
    卤虫孵化酶( he )是由卤虫早期胚胎特异性分泌的、在孵化过程中起关键作用的一种蛋白酶。
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