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  1. Therefore , the office is not now the blue blue
  2. Lakeview garden 11 macdonnell road park island blue blue club
  3. White houses , blue blue sky , blue & white , white & blue , was not i in . . . greece
    白房子,蓝天,永远的蓝和百,难道. . .不像我最爱的希腊吗?
  4. The clubhouses cost over hk 300 million and cover approximately one million sq ft . following the success of the blue blue and green green clubs , the chic chic club follows a mediterranean theme , and the comprehensive facilities make it the finest of the three clubhouses in park island
  5. The management of park island today june 27 staged a media preview of the development s chic chic club to complement the existing blue blue and green green clubs . park island is large , low - density residential project on ma wan developed by sun hung kai properties . the property is well equipped with the most comprehensive collection of facilities to provide residents a relaxing , resort - style living environment
    新鸿基地产新地悉心策划,位于马湾的大型低密度住宅珀丽湾,为了进一步提升物业的度假式生活享受,提供最完备的设施,发展商特订于今天6月27日隆重开放万众期待的天色会所chic chic club予传媒率先参观,亲身感受其集蓝色会所及绿色会所精萃于一身的设施及服务。

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