bludger meaning in Chinese



  1. When harry was similarly hit by crabbe ' s illegal bludger in the small of the back , he was only winded ( op19 )
    同样的,当哈利被克拉布违反规则的游走球击中背部时,他只是喘气(凤凰社,第十九章) 。
  2. Oliver wood : bludger . nasty little buggers . but you are a seeker . the only thing i want you to worry about is this . the golden snich
  3. At the sight of the vehemence of the building lord , i feel that the building lord infuses the water in the community together of that has the hypostatic difference for small bludger
  4. Dobby used his magic to enchant a bludger , to close the magic portal that leads to platform nine - and - three - quarters , to interfere with owl post and steal someone ' s letters , and to knock lucius malfoy down a flight of stairs

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