animal magnetism meaning in Chinese



  1. Told you she ' d stay . she can ' t resist my animal magnetism
  2. The young actor emits a lot of animal magnetism on the screen
  3. The young actor emits a lot of animal magnetism on the screen
    那个年轻演员在屏幕上充分显示他的吸引力(或性魅力) 。
  4. Remember there was ever the instruction to those peoples that were to hold to that that would bring for the spiritual forces , rather than the abuses of the abilities - as those with familiar spirits , as those that spoke to or partook of the divinations of those that had passed from the earth ' s plane , or those that partook of the animal magnetism - that came from the universal consciousness of animal matter as passed into its experience , in its interchange through those periods of integration and disintegration - and the spirit forces possessing those that would lay themselves open to such conditions , for these are as real as physical bodies if the attunements of the entity are such that it may vision them

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