animal industry meaning in Chinese

畜牧业animaln. 1.动物;兽;牲畜。 2.〔俚语〕家畜,牲口。 3 ...industryn. 1.勤劳,勤奋,刻苦。 2.工业,产业,实业,事业 ...


  1. Principles for developing special plant and animal industries in the western china
  2. Legalization of laboratory animal industry and its development strategy in the market economy of china
  3. Animal industry is the traditional and fundamental industry , as well as the superior and mainstay industry in minority nationalities regions
  4. Only in suitable environment , can animal be more productive and reduce the consumption of feed . compared with developed country , animal industry is uncultured in our country
  5. A majority of truth prove that developing grass - eating animal industry have profound significance and it is the orginal measure to solve the competition of foodstuff between human and livestocks
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